About Medisites

Great things happen when we work together.

Medisites, from 2able, helps private practices and medical societies maximise the way they use online technology to provide the best service to their clients / members.

Launched in 2013 out of the growing need for reliable and high quality website solutions, Medisites is run and managed by a team who have been working in digital media since the early 1990’s.

The suite of services Medisites provide include:

  • Private Practice websites, from individual consultants to larger multi-discipline practices.
  • Society websites and mobile apps to manage all membership and conference needs.
  • Website hosting that is fast, reliable and secure. PCI Compliant, 100% Carbon Neutral, ISO 9001, 14001, 27001.
  • Digital marketing, such as Google promotion (sponsored & organic), social media and email.
  • Google Analytics and Search Console data in 1 simple report.
  • Customised surveys & reports.
  • Videos, animations & infographics to help present information in a visually appealing and engaging way.

The Team

Meet our directors and co-founders

Ben Crowley

Ben Crowley started building and marketing websites in 1996 when he helped launch an award winning academic website as part of his A-levels. Since then, he has consulted on and implemented solutions for a plethora of organisations across the globe. Ben would be delighted to discuss your requirements, so feel free to connect with him below.

Ben Williams

Ben Williams started working with websites in 1993 and has been working with WordPress since 2008. From initially working for big brands like Silicon Graphics and DIAGEO, and now moving to medical societies and start-ups, Ben’s focus is to help people improve the way they work online, with a specific focus on WordPress function and performance.

… and some of our Dream Team that helps make this all happen.

Molly Hardy

Web Developer

Molly Hardy, all round developer. With over 5 years of experience working with WordPress and the general Web Development industry, Molly knows her stuff. Specialising in PHP and JavaScript applications and managing server hosting, Molly gets involved in most solutions for our clients.

Giulia Bosio

Web Developer

Giulia Bosio is a double threat. Project manager and WordPress developer combined. Not only does she know how to work with clients to ensure effective management of their projects, she also enjoys working on the front end of WordPress web development, using HTML/CSS solutions.

Dan Hibbard

Web Developer

Dan Hibbard, WordPress developer with an ever growing bank of experience since starting his apprenticeship in 2022. Dan gets involved in all the tasks that clients don’t want to. Software updates, UX, CSS, Animations, QA and anything else to do with front end development.

Paul Betteridge

Digital Strategy Consultant

Paul Betteridge has over 20 years of online digital marketing experience, during this time he has been the head of digital marketing for some of the top agencies and brands across the UK. He has also pioneered innovative digital marketing solutions across a plethora of competitive markets. Paul has also been handpicked as a ‘Google Leader’ (the best and brightest digital talent across the UK).

Chris James

Design/UX Consultant

With a degree background and 20 years of experience to call upon, Chris creates websites that utilise the company’s reach and enhances its brand. Chris has worked with some of the most extensive entertainment and leisure companies, such as Merlin Entertainment, and high-end brands, including Mercedes-Benz. Supplying them with creative and comprehensive digital and print assets.

Strategic Partners

We work with a number of trusted hand picked experts to provide tailored solutions for our clients. Some of the services provided include copywriting, newsletter management, PR services, offline marketing, social media, video production and specific Medical Aesthetics business support.


Get in touch and let’s explore how we can improve your use of digital technology.

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