The medical society website solution

The challenge

Running and managing a society can be time intensive. The executive committee has a number of key responsibilities to ensure the society runs smoothly continues to develop as a renowned group of experts. Typical functions include education, standards of excellence, informing members about new research and development, meetings/conferences.

Dealing with the range of functions required can be complicated, with additional financial tasks, such as membership fees and conference ticketing adding an extra level of management.

Digital communication in the form of email, websites, Apps, etc, can help the communication process, but coordinating a number of digital platforms can be an extra level of complication.

It shouldn’t be. Why have multiple websites (a website for membership, one for conference registration & ticketing, a separate newsletter system, a society App platform, an abstract/paper submission site, etc, etc)?

Wouldn’t it be better to have one website that does all this? Saving time, costs, and creating a more coherent and consistent communication for the society?

The solution

A proven, specifically developed website platform, exclusively aimed at medical societies, to allow all the common digital tasks to be managed via one website, owned and controlled by the society.

This is what we provide, one system to handle website communications, membership management, meeting / conferencing registration, online payments, email communication and newsletters, abstract management, case discussion forums, and so much more.

All within a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant environment.


  • Editable website
  • Membership management system
  • Online applications
  • Subscription-based payments
  • Meeting / Conference scheduling
  • Registration and payment
  • Private case discussion forums
  • Built-in newsletter system
  • Abstract management
  • ePoster management
  • GDPR compliant
  • World class website hosting, fully managed


  • One website, owned by you, for all your society needs
  • No extra expense of third-party sites for annual events/registration/submission
  • Keep track of payments and minimise missing subs
  • Save time and costs by having the website auto-generate user forms such as receipts, CPD certificates, presentation certificates and more
  • Option to have a member of our team deal with the admin side of things
  • Technical updates taken care of, more time for the exec to focus on growing the society
  • Time saved, costs reduced, quality of service to members increased

For the President

More time available to you to grow your society and the membership.

Members-only discussion forums provide knowledge sharing to members.

Link up with international partner societies to expand your reach. Enhanced perception of your society, via one coherent website.

For the Secretary

Online support for all membership queries, less time spent chasing answers.

Application process and vetting carried out on site.

Full email communication and newsletter tools, built into your site.

Judging and awards carried out via website.

CPD / CME certificates auto-generated by website.

For the Treasurer

Make the most of your society’s budget. Keep track of payments, issue refunds, identify missing subscription payments, all from your own society website.

Member only areas of the site will not admit members with missing payments, encouraging up to date payments by all.

Enhanced sponsorship opportunities to increase sponsor/exhibitor take up for meetings / conferences.

Stop spending on external third-party sites, let your main site take care of it.

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